Hey everybody, this is my first stab at writing a blog. I’ve been a mentor, teaching artist, and poetry slam coach for a decade now, and the young folks I work with are my entire heart. I mean, I basically grew-up through youth work and I’m thankful for what it’s taught me about life. Stubborn as I am, who knows how or when I would’ve learned these lessons otherwise.

To me, art and pedagogy are basically interchangeable. Being on a stage is very similar to being in front of a classroom. Whether I’m featuring at an open mic or facilitating a workshop I find that the end goal is roughly the same. I want to help reveal the ways in which we are both interconnected and worth it. I believe that we are all perpetually and indiscriminately worth whatever effort is required for us to live healthy, prosperous lives. I think we have that in common, if nothing else, but probably there’s a bunch of other stuff too. My pedagogy hinges on that belief and it’s that same pedagogy that has shaped the arc of my adult life. Adulting to me has been a constant reconfiguring of my pursuits and habits so that I can become the pedagogue that my students deserve. This has been my most important journey, and that’s what I felt like I wanted to put to words. I don’t think the world needs more “teacher poems” (I’m deeply suspicious of, and consistently bored by teacher poems) but I do want to explore my learning process with some intentionality and accountability. So this is what I came up with. And it’s going to be right here next to all the other stuff I’m writing. Again, this is art too, or something… I learn how to be better at this every day, and every day a part of me wishes I’d already known that shit. I’m gonna be posting about current breakthroughs, past revelations, best practices, and whatever else makes sense.

Thanks for tuning in!